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Alex's New Life

By Thomas Penney, year 6, La Houguette School

Dad wants to evacuate me to the quiet countryside with Josh and Jimmy, my friends. Mum thinks it’s a good idea as well so I guess I’m packing my bags for tomorrow.
It is finally here, time to see my new home but first I need to get on the train for my journey.
“Hi... Alex how are you doing today?” the station master looked down at my tag. He looked very annoyed. It may be due to the “1,000,000” people in the line waiting. I stepped inside and saw Jimmy and Josh sitting together. Suddenly they burst into laughter and pointed to the seats opposite them.Out of the corner of my eye I saw Louis (the bully of school). “ How ‘u doin’? Alex AKA Mr goody tooshoo.” I was really angry at him by then but kept my cool although it was stupidly crawling over me like a black widow. I held it in but I couldn’t help my eyes from watering down my soft cheeks and onto the brown, wooden, crooked floor-boards and into the electrical systems wires. The train stopped suddenly, we were in London. Everyone was screaming, and panic was agains;t us we had to fix it quickly before the Germans saw us. The conductor saw the water that had stopped the train and it was only me that was crying and caned me on my bare bum. Then he saw Louis smirking and caned him harder and it was certainly and truly harder than mine, with Louis. Then he asked “Anyone else?”it took a minute for everyone to calm down. One of Louis' cronies started laughing and got the cane, tears rolled down his eyes.
The conductor fixed the train and we got underway. We started our journey, again. We were safe, for now……..

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