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The Blitz

By Andrew Norman, year 6, La Houguette School

It was a bad day at school and I wanted to go home as quickly as I could. When I got home I was doing homework. I had been doing it for a few minutes when an air raid siren suddenly went off. Everyone went to the old air raid shelter. We were in the shelter for least 20 minutes until we got out and were allowed home. At school everyone was talking about it.

At home I was hoping it would not happen again. That day in the newspaper my dad was told to go into war. A few minutes later he went. When he left bomber planes came and bombed us. The town was a mess after the bomber planes went. My mum was thinking about sending me away to the countryside so I would be safe. Luckily school was blown up so I didn't have to go to school.

I did want to go on a boat but during the war I would not, for one: there are planes, two: the boat stinks and three: there are mines in the water. So when it was time to evacuate I did not go. Me and my mum got a book called a ration book. We had it to get the exact amount of food a week. For a week bomber planes came and went again. We were in the shelters for days and days. By now I wanted to be evacuated but I could not. All the boats were gone. Only food boats were there. I was getting even more planes. All the time we would be in the shelter hiding. One day my house exploded so we had to live in the shelter. It was horrible. We only had a bit of company. I was always bored, every day, all day.

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