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The Last Cupcake

By Jack Whiting, year 6, Amherst School

"That’s my cupcake!” screeched Sonia.
“No, that’s mine!” yelled Joe. The last cupcake, a yummy, chocolatey cupcake was resting on the oak table. Sonia announced that it was her cupcake. Both yelling their battle cries, the toddlers ran towards the snack. Clumsily, they slipped onto the couch while they were reaching for the cupcake. Joe’s hand knocked some dominoes over, which started a chain reaction among all the dominoes he had set up earlier. Sonia noticed Joe’s surprise, and crept towards the cupcake.

Joe furiously leapt onto Sonia. Angrily, Joe bellowed that she couldn’t have it. They started fighting each other with all their power. Their mum finally spotted the ructions that were occurring. She suggested that the two children should split it in half. Sonia declared that she absolutely would not, since she didn’t know what half means. Mum sighed, and went back to reading her magazine. Joe had enough of Sonia trying to take his well deserved cupcake. He was going to run her over. Hopping on his red Spiderman trike, he sped towards Sonia. Sonia didn’t think that was going to happen. She grabbed onto his trike, and pulled it towards the couch.

Falling off the trike, Joe looked down before realising his sister was right there, staring in horror. Sonia murmured an uh-oh as Joe fell on top of her. Joe realised he had a chance to obtain the cupcake now. Leaping up, he saw it. Chasing the opportunity to grab it, he sprinted at it. Slipping over a domino, he accidentally kicked the table...Knocking the cupcake off...Therefore, the snack broke in two.

Sonia gasped in shock. Giggling, Joe said that there was now two little cupcakes. Realizing what he meant, Sonia laughed. They happily apologized to each other, and hungrily tucked into their snacks.

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