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The Birthday Blitz

By Harriet Gaudion, year 6, La Houguette School

“Happy birthday to you, make a wish Rita,” whispered Rita’s mum.
“Open your present!” said Rita’s sister very excitedly. Suddenly an ear piercing sound was screeched all the way around Guernsey making everyone jump. ”Aaaahhh! What’s that!” exclaimed Rita.
“The air raid siren!” Rita’s mum answered. ”What does that mean?”
“This means the Germans are about to bomb Guernsey, that means you have to be evacuated.” said Rita’s mum
“What! But I don’t want to leave you!” Rita exclaimed to try to shout louder than the air raid siren.
“I’m very sorry but you have to go. It’s better for you and your your sister.”
So the two frightened sisters ran up to their bedroom as fast as they could with their hands over their ears and packed a suitcase for the terrible trip that awaits.
The next morning at 7:00am the two sisters had to get on a boat that smelt like rotten tomatoes and vomit. Also it was jam packed with at least 150 people on a 5-6 metre long boat.
When they arrived in England they got on a train to go to the countryside and this transport was way better than on the boat because it did not smell like vomit but it was way way longer than the boat ride, although it was more boring. By the time they arrived in the countryside it was the early evening and Rita and a couple of other children got off the train with her but after, she realized her sister wasn't there.The billeting officer took Rita and the rest of the children into a big hall. Soon after they lined up, a couple walked in.They walked down rejecting the rest of the children and then they looked at Rita with a terrifying look. She got so nervous she fainted....

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