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The Bomb Came

By Henry Thomas, year 6, La Houguette School

It was a dark stormy night and Henry was asleep but suddenly he hears the air raid siren and so he goes down stairs and grabs his football and sprints to the shelter with his parents to safety. Unfortunately a soldier walked up to them and said their house had been blown up. Henry was very scared because he was afraid of bombs. His parents said “well then, looks like we will have to find a new place to live in the morning.”

He had curly hair and is 11 years old. He is also strong and has brown eyes.He loves football but he can rarely play due to the war. All that he wants for is freedom in his life.

When the air raid siren went off he was very scared because he was afraid of bombs. After the night he and his parents went to the new house and built an Anderson shelter in their backyard, so if any more bombs hit nearby they would be safe. His parents promised that he would not get evacuated away and stay very safe with them.

Three nights after the bomb came the air raid siren went off but this time they went into their Anderson shelter. They were safe this time in their Anderson shelter because the bomb hit a nearby house. When it was safe they went to the air raid shelter in case of an attack.

After the attack the war ended so Henry is all safe in the town. Now the war had ended Henry could do what he loved whenever he wanted. And that was of course playing football.

All Henry hoped for was another bomb not to come or another war to start. If it did then Henry would not be able to play football and as a result he would be very scared and upset.

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