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My life

By Scarlett Gallagher, year 6, La Houguette School

The boat journey and train journey had passed in a blur. I now found myself standing up straight in a long line In the Billeting office. Strangers looked at us like inspectors. They questioned us to turn our hands over, looking at our tags, and asking questions. We didn’t know what they were searching for but they were always chatting and always had their eyes towards us.
Then one of the families started talking about a girl with dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes and a navy suitcase. I knew it was me they were chatting about all the time, it couldn’t be clearer. I got a bit excited and nervous. Then a man with brown, dirty jacket crouched down next to me and whispered in my ear “you’re coming home with us”. I was happy and rushed straight away to the woman and started walking off. When I opened the door I saw my brother and I forgot about him. I tried running back but it was too late my brother was gone with two other cares! I started sniffing and cried my eyes out. My face was all wet so I used my sweater to swipe the tears off my face.
My carers asked me what was wrong but I was too upset to talk about it. I got up and started walking with my head in my hands out of the Billeting office, saying sorry a million times in my head but I could never undo what I just did.
My carers introduced themselves when we were walking to their house and explained why they chose me. They seemed very nice because they kept holding my hand and caring for me. I had a good life so far with carers that were kind.

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