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#sad story

By Felix Addenbrooke, year 5, Elizabeth College

David lay there in the tent with just a tattered shirt and some muddy trousers. He was thinking about his home and his dead parents. He only had his four-year-old brother to keep him company. His parents had perished in a bombing and their home got blown up too! Luckily, David and his brother got evacuated to Egypt where there was no war and no violence. His favourite thing to do when he started to get bored was to play football. He didn’t like the place he lived in but there were some other children at the camp so he also liked talking to the other children about where they lived before and what their lives were like. He also liked playing with them. As he got older, he started to not think about his house and parents because he knew it would make him even sadder. His school that had around five hundred people in it also got bombed and only eight people survived! He said that he remembered that some strangers walked in with big, scary guns. The strangers had masks on their faces so you couldn’t see who they were. He also said that they started to shoot some very, very unlucky children. He didn’t have any shoes or socks so his feet were very dirty. His clothes were always muddy and dusty and he only had one pair of trousers to wear. They didn’t have any of the things from their houses. He supported Wolverhampton Wanderers football club. His favourite thing to do was to play some football even though the ball was knackered. He made a goal between two large stones. Then he sorted the teams into two versus two and played some matches before bed.

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