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Sisterly Promise Betrayed

By Kira-Jade Murphy, year 6, Vauvert School

BANG! Bombs dropping on Guernsey, I’m terrified, I can’t be here by myself, I’m only 17, especially now my sister is in the war. I heard a voice, “I’m unfit to be here, they don’t want me.“ My sister, I thought frantically, the voices carried on. “I heard troops talking about me, it seemed bad." I’m terrified, my sister's being forced to bomb me. It carried on for six days. It’s been so long, eventually I found an old note from my sister, it read, “I’ll be home on September 26th at 6:00pm, be waiting.“ That was today in 20 minutes.
Just then there was a knock at the door. ”Is this Miss Murphy?” a deep-voiced trooper said. “Someone’s here to see you." My sister, there was only one problem she was only here for a hour. Whilst she was here I asked her why she was wearing a German uniform, it turns out she betrayed our promise, I was devastated then it got worse apparently I had to go back with her because I was old enough.
I was done. I couldn’t believe that my own sister would join the team that was originally bombing her. At the army camp the air was infested with dust, dirt and bugs, it was DISGUSTING! My first day on the job they had me in an aeroplane, I didn’t know how to fly, even over a bunch of other troops that I could have killed. Not long after I joined the force my sister died because a trooper crashed a plane, why let unexperienced troops fly a plane with explosives in? I'm just super mad and upset she was the only family I had left after my parents died.

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