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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Elani Le Maitre, year 6, Amherst School

Alone I stood. Watching the shadows lurking. Windows like piercing eyes glared at me. I listened to the wind spying on me; listening to my every breath. I could see light by the exit but I just slithered along the glass wall. Out of the darkness, a grey uniformed figure appeared at the door. Grabbing a shovel, my heart began beating like a drum. I was ready to protect myself. Shimmering skies surrounded me. Why is this what scares me most in the world? Germans are only people.

All I needed were some potatoes or some tomatoes. All I needed was five minutes, five golden minutes just for some food for my family.

Bang! Boom! Bomb! A grey silhouette knelt next to me. Panicking me! A scowling, carved face looked over me. Viciously, I was pushed back against the wall. It was a murky building. Darkness testing how far it could go, as it crept out from the corners of the room. Rough hands rushed over my arms as I was pinned to the wall. Scanning me, the man spun on his heel revealing a gun tucked under his tunic. I gulped. I held my breath but the soldier swivelled again and removed the gun. I gulped again. It was pointed at me. He was vexed with me. Loading the gun, his finger began to pull back on the trigger when…

“It’s so perfect but it’s not what this film needs!” yelled the director.
“Natalie, get me a double gin. I’m gonna need it,” he ordered his assistant, as he threw his clipboard down and stormed off to his trailer.

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