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The Evacuation

By jamie-lee lysaght, year 6, Amherst School

It was Tuesday. I went to school as usual. When I arrived at school my teacher told me that we were going to be evacuated. Grabbing my bag, my heart pounded. We went to the boats but I didn’t want to leave my mum. We travelled on to the boat but I sat by myself. I started to cry because we heard German planes over the boat and I didn’t want to leave my mum. I went into a cabin with no one there. After a while of being in there I heard a girl crying. I went up to her, she told me to go away then she started to call me names. After a while, she said that she was sorry. She said she was calling me names because she was missing her mum. I went to the cafeteria and went to sleep. I heard more planes.

When we got to the harbour, I went to a house with a girl called Karis with her brother called George to stay. That night when we were meant to go to sleep but I couldn’t because I was too busy thinking about mum. The next day I woke up and went down to breakfast. Then after breakfast they let us play. We had lunch then around 5.40 we had to hoover, sweep and tidy our room. We had tea and then went to bed. That night I decided to run away so I started to plan my runaway mission. In the morning I woke up and I got my plan and bag and ran out the door. Suddenly I heard some bombs! I didn’t have anywhere to go so I quickly went to the harbour and caught the next boat back to Guernsey. I got back, found mum and lived with her.

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