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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Far Away

By Mathilda Litten, year 6, Vauvert School

“Darling, come home?” pleaded my mother.
“I can’t, I simply can’t,” I persisted.
“Please, I-,” Mother stuttered.
“Grandma needs me.” I declared.
“But there is a war on Sweetie.”
“Yes but I don’t care!” I said muttered coldly.
“ I’m your mother and you’ll do what I tell you, you’re coming HOME.”
“I’m not.” I replied flatly and then I put the phone down.
“Come to the table Jeneveve,”called Grandmother “ Dinner's ready.”
Sighing, I put the phone back on the stand and ran into the dining room where my dear grandmother had laid out a spread of bread and dripping, cabbage and tinned ham.
“Sit down darling, sit,” said grandmother.
I took a seat at the oak table and started munching through my meal when suddenly I heard a loud bang coming from outside and a few windows cracked!
“Come quickly darling, come on now.” my grandmother shouted, suddenly grabbing food from the table and putting it in a plastic bag. I stood in shock as I watched the flames licking up the walls and my poor grandmother's paintings and pictures burned to ash. Jumping into action I helped my grandma out of the room then followed her, shutting the door with a bang.
We hurried down the stairs to the musty basement and sat huddled under a thin cotton blanket with one candle flickering. All of a sudden we heard pounding footsteps in our house. I winced as I heard a crash. The door burst open and tall bulky men dressed in uniform dragged me up roughly by the arm, then escorted me from the room with my grandmother following not far behind. We were yanked through the door and shoved towards a dirty truck with tear-streaked Jews clustered together. The bomb hit, and suddenly all went black…

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