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To Norway

By Owen Fraser, year 6, Vauvert School

We left at five, war had begun! The city was destroyed, houses gone war marbles around. I wanted to know where we’re going.
“Where we’re goin’ again?” I asked in a nervous voice.
“Norway!” Dad snapped,
Planes crashing catastrophically with pilots diving, this is why we left, to be safe. We slowly walked down an alley way where we joined some other sad people. I remembered the good times, then we played in the backyard.
“Are we goin’ to make it?” I asked “Is this the end?”
“We are going to make it. We can do this,” my sister Amy said in a confident mood, I could see it in her eyes.
“This is the way. These are the people were going with,” Mum said in a dull voice.
Soon before it was four in the evening, we had to leave, ear piercing bombs dropping. It was a war ground. Gun firing sounds, planes crumbling to the ground. We curiously ran down a small lane with broken lights.
“We are going to have to find shelter, it is getting dark.”
I said in a slow voice,“Why?"
"There’s like no time,” Mum and my sister complained,
“This way!” Dad shouted, as we followed him under a building.
After an unconfutable night, we had a small snack and left. We followed some people on a slow steady walk.
I met someone new and we strolled along the path, families joining as one. We didn’t talk much though, it was to save energy, for we had the long walk.
We had one snack a day, if we were lucky. We were hungry with only little water. As we came to a bared area the police were killing the people.
Groups were heading off, but our group was still hoping for a home.

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