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Escape Pearl Harbor

By Thomas Stewart, year 6, Amherst School

It was December the 7th, 1941, when me and my family were just playing on the beach when out of nowhere we heard it! The loud droning noise coming from the bright blue sky. Soon fighter planes were everywhere. It was like an army of bats readying to attack. I ran under the round of a wreckage of a boat and hid. From under it I saw my parents running to find shelter when BANG! A bomb hit my parents and I knew there was not much hope of their survival.

Soon so many bombs had hit that it was getting hard to see and I was coughing a lot. The only way to tell where the planes where coming from was by sound, so I took my chances and ran for it. I could hear planes coming overhead and I saw little bursts of light coming through the smoke. I eventually reached the fence separating the beach from the mainland so I jumped over, but as I was in mid air a bomb landed right behind me and flung me several metres before I hit the ground.

Worried and shaken, I stood up. I was slightly dizzy and covered in blood. I was not sure where I was but I followed the path anyway and ended up out of the smoke. The planes had left and there was a eerie silence left in the area. Wheezing sadly I walked across the beach searching for my parents, but it was hard to find them in all the bodies. Then I saw something that looked familiar; It was the boat I hid in. I went over and looked at where my parents were. I ran to them but it was not a happy sight; their two dead bodies silent and empty.

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