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Scared and Safe

By Patricija Cirule, year 6, Vauvert School

It was early in the morning, me and my mum were scared because of the loud noises and we had to stay inside the whole day. It was too dangerous to leave the house. I had so many thoughts in my head I wasn’t thinking about anything else. Later that day I started to run around the house like a horse in stress because I heard a scream. I ran straight to my mum who said “why are you running?” I couldn’t respond because I was too frightened, she replied gently to me “everything is alright”.
I asked her one question: Where is dad and why did he have to go?My mum couldn’t answer the first question but she answered, “he had to go and there’s nothing we could do about it”. That is all she said to me and that me got think why she just said that but I didn’t have the time to think because I had many other thoughts to think about. I was devastated and in tears later that after-noon when we were putting on our clothes to go outside because it when it sounded that it had calmed down and maybe I could get a tiny bit of fresh air, we couldn’t really get fresh air it all with gas from the bombs and all those other terrible poisons in the air. Never in my life has there ever been a smell with so much poison inside spreading in the air like a big wave. I thought this would go on forever and I thought it would never end. I wouldn’t be able to see the colourful world outside and I would never learn anything new about the world. It’s just dull and grey and nothing new…….!

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