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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Blitz

By Summer Chamberlain, year 6, Vauvert School

I was in bed, wide awake waiting for the sirens to come. I heard planes in the distance. I was ready to leap out of bed and sprint into the bomb shelter. The planes got nearer, nearer. Suddenly, the sirens boomed out into the country. I leaped out of bed, not caring to put any warm clothes on. I sprinted down the stairs, my family following. I went into the garden, a tempest of bombs came flying down eating anything in their path… I jumped into the shelter. I was safe in the shelter, all my family was here, all of us breathing heavily. I heard screams of terror from the dying outside, I was paralysed. Suddenly, I heard a massive crash outside, nobody in the shelter breathed.
The bombs stopped. The bombs were so loud that night it was like an orchestra playing fortissimo. I expected that as soon I stepped outside, London would be a mess. London was catastrophically destroyed. Carnage had struck. Our house was completely destroyed, head to toe. I crouched over a fire, stirring the embers so that the sparks swarmed up like imps on the broken walls of hell. Suddenly, a German plane was shot down and, in its death throes, tumbled catastrophically through the morning sky. I ran to the disaster and saw the plane, no pilot in it. I expect the pilot bounded out. I strolled back home, exploring the broken buildings and walls of London. I was in hell, we all were. I felt like crying, crying for London.
I nervously carried on walking home. Fire was dancing on walls and buildings. Smoke filled my lungs, choking me. I want to leave to the peaceful countryside. But I can't possibly leave my family. I shall stay in London, London is home...

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