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The bully

By jamie gilbert, year 6, Amherst School

In the playground there was a boy called James who was sitting alone on a bench because he had no friends to play with. He sat there reading a book because he couldn't play with anyone. James was watching the other children play together wishing that he had friends like that. He went over to a group of children and asked if he could play. But they said ‘no’ so James went back and read his book.

At lunchtime James would open his lunch box and a boy called Freddie would come over to him and demand his lunch and the boy would hurt him if he didn’t give it. He was a bully because he asked for James's lunch every lunch time. James would move places every lunch time to see if Freddie would leave him alone but he would not leave him alone. James thought that if he told the teacher Freddie would hurt him so he handed his lunch over every time. At the end of the day the bully would always tease him because he had no friends. On the way to school James would walk very slowly because Freddie would wait for him at the gates so he could ask him if he has any lunch.

Finally he said to himself.’ I’m going to tell the teacher that Freddie keeps on demanding for my lunch’. So he went over to the teacher and told her, she said she would talk to him. When the teacher had finished talking to Freddie he went over to James and started to fight him because he told of him. Freddie jumped on top of James and yanked at his hair and James was upset. Then the teachers saw and they stopped the fight. The end for now.

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