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Sammy’s horrific childhood

By Isabella Shand, year 5, Elizabeth College

I am nine years old. My family is persecuted because of ISIS. I asked my mum every day when will my father come back but he never did. I think he was killed but every night I wish this would end. We used to have a happy life but a bomb dropped on our house; we were lucky to escape.

My brother died when I was very young. He had a disease and we had no money to help him. We have gone through so much, we have no bath or toilet. I am terrified to leave the tent. Every night someone screams because they are in pain, even in the day someone screams. I have seen things I should not have seen. I wish for an education so any food wrapper that comes passed, I practise my numbers. I have made friends at school but now they have gone.

I’m in a refugee camp. For my birthday I might be able to get a chess board. But I am now ten, I am still not at school the war has become worse. More than 30,000 of the population have been killed and all my friends are gone. I am sad my mother has been taken too, now I am all on my own.

Luckily I have been sent to America with the money I have earned, so now I am in orphanage where I have a family with two brothers and sisters. Now I am in a nice house, we all have fun and none of my brothers and sisters can beat me at chess. I hope no one has to deal with what I had to deal with. It was so horrible. I am so very happy where I am, with my family.

By Isabella Shand

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