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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Invasions

By Josiah Tooley, year 6, Vauvert School

BANG! went the thirteenth chime of the clock.
“RUN!” someone shouted . We hid with them infesting the air. Underground, there was no light but people cowering in corners. I found a lantern, lit it and started to write a letter. It read:
Dear Father
Again we escaped the hand of death several times. The enemy became death when they took the first took life. Why are they so cruel to attack us again. Food is growing scarce my ears are ringing I’m growing very ill mother is scared to death I am too I bet you are. Three days until it happens .
Please write back and stay safe. Love from

“Good night mother, I hope there aren’t any more bombings,” I said with a yawn.
Meanwhile a fighter pilot zoomed straight towards enemy turf. He hit. Moonlight sirens blared endlessly. Towers bombed, they completed their mission, so many people dead on either side.
Reports came in Japan had attacked the USA. The USA was with the English. Whilst father was battling, I was packing my bags . A siren went off we dived into the cabinet under the stairs. We escaped death again. Cursing, I went outside. They still were there. Dog fights in the air. I charged under the stairs once more. Mother, she went to get our food. No, I thought ,she must have hidden. I had to check there was a loud whistling near me. I thought it was someone whistling a tune. I whistled along (it was the worst mistake I ever made) then blackness, blankness. Father was there mother to we won the war nothing the Germans could do father said Hitler gave up but something was wrong, everything was faint. I heard a voice I could recognise, the doctors. “Cant…Nothing…sorry”… “My son ”…

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