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The Battle

By Tom Gallienne, year 6, Amherst School

I hate fighting but I have to, to survive. It's hard fighting.

24/7, it's damaging. All I do is fight, but without fighting I will die.

My brain is always wondering why I'm fighting and not someone else. I do know
There's other people like me but I just don't know them. It's a struggle always trying to be strong and being the best I can, but some days I just can't handle it. Other days I'm strong and brave, but I always think things are going to get better but they never do…

I only fight for freedom and memories with my family, to go where I want to and to do what I would like when I like. I need something to remember when times get hard and to know that people love and care about me. Sadly, I don't know if my family loves me or cares about me because I'm never there! I can't just go and do
something with them because I can't, I have you wait for the days when I can go and spend time with them . All I want is a change of life, to get out of this place!

It's hard trying to get some sleep when other people are moaning and groaning all night. Fighting all day and night gets to me. It's tricky trying to balance your life with fighting when fighting is your life. I do it all the time though, and I of all people
should know how to work around it but I don't. Some Nights I sit in this very uncomfortable bed just sobbing to myself about the pain.

Fighting against something is tough because it doesn't just hurt when you get hit , it also hurts you mentally... I hate you cancer...

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