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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Childhood adventure

By Rollo Holden, year 5, Elizabeth College

Once I lived in a peaceful village in Korea. Our family had money, a house, my parents had jobs. We had a happy life, well, at least we had one. We now live in a tent because these people just walked into our village; they ruined my life. On one very cold night I heard gun shots. I was scared. I called for my mum. I called and called but couldn’t hear anything. In the morning the doctors came and told me my mum died and my dad went out to war. I was devastated.
I’m 18 now. My name is Henry. I lived in an apartment in London for a few years but I didn’t like it there. One night I heard screams. I ran out of the apartment and to the nearest boat. Some guards captured me. After a few hours I found myself marooned on a desert island. I went to explore it. I was there for a few nights and days. One night some hunters came, they left it the next day. I was happy there. It was like paradise, it was calm and peaceful, there was no war. I had friends, well not really friends, but monkeys. But on one cold stormy day some people on boats rescued me. They took me back to England and gave me a home to live in. After few years, I was happy. I loved it there. It was just like home until they came. I ran and I hoped I was in a peaceful countryside playing with my friends. That is if they are still alive. I ran and ran, hoping it would end. Then my mind froze: I was standing next to an army, not just any because they looked familiar…

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