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Conflict Story

By Jake Rowe, year 5, Elizabeth College

I once had a happy life, a dad a home. My name is David, I live in London well, what’s left of it. As there have been so MANY bombs and gun shots. Everyone is calling it World War ll. My Dad went off to restore hope and love to England again but he hasn’t returned yet. I really hope he does return or my life is just going to go downhill more and quicker. Me and Ma go to the sparkling water fountain every day to get food and water. Until one sunny morning ma went off on her own and hasn’t returned since. I think she was killed or kidnapped, she would never leave me (or so I thought.) One year later still war, still no dad and still no mum. So I hid in the basement still provided by food and water from the long trips to the fountain. When one day suddenly my neighbour sprinted through the door down into the basement with blood everywhere. He panted and panicked. I could only just make out what he was saying. The boy said there were gun shots. Everyone was frightened and then a bomb it killed everyone and almost me.”
“What are you doing down here anyway David?”
“Hiding from what?”
“The gun shots obviously.”
“Oh yes silly me.”
“You know what, I think we are going to become great friends.”
Three years later the boys are now 14 years old and have decided to go and search for David’s mum so they set out on the extremely dangerous journey. But sadly only to find her with another family, the war had finished. But their lives would never be the same!
Sadly these events are still happening in the world today.

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