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The Crash

By Sara Boucher, year 6, Vauvert School

I turned on the wireless to hear that a plane had suddenly crashed down near my house. I was surprised I didn’t hear it because normally a plane crashing would be rather loud. My head turned to look out the window and my heart raced as I saw it barely thirty metres in front my house. I saw people trying to climb out, most of them limping from injuries. Whilst all the people who were inside the plane had to try to get into a house or hospital, the air was thick, black smoke and the sky was grey, ashy clouds making the task even harder.
I wondered how I would’ve felt had I been in their position and how I would want someone to help me escape so I went out and helped everyone inside the plane escape. The smoke made my eyes sting but I carried on through it. Everyone from the burning plane managed to come out alive but most of them were injured. One of the people had limped up to me ten minutes later saying that I was his hero and I saved his life. My heart melted in that moment knowing that I saved someone who, without my help, was useless.
Soon after, everyone I had saved thanked me and said that they were so grateful to have someone like me to help them. I felt weird about it as it was such a simple thing that meant so much to the people affected. One small girl came out of her house and ran up to the man who called me his hero and said, “Daddy, you're back!”
Her father hugged her and replied, “I promised I would come back to see you and mummy, and that’s a promise that I will never break.”

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