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The Trench

By Justin Wong, year 6, Vauvert School

When I was seventeen my father left me with my mother. We had nothing, no money, no food, but the only thing we had was each other. We could only afford a can of beans and some water. I went out on my bike to fetch the letters from the post office there was quite a lot of it.
I rode back home and gave the letters to my mother and went up the stairs. I went down to get some water and saw my mum sobbing.
“Mother what is wrong?”
She looked back at me, “Are you going?”
“Going where?”
She gave the letter to me, I gasped. “Be careful!”
“I will be, mother”
I sprinted upstairs and packed my stuff … I heard a deep voiced man talking to my mother.
I got my hand luggage and ran down the stairs and there was a leader in front of my eyes.
“There he is!”
He took me to the boat and at end were Lincoln and Finn. I ran up and said, "Hello." I took a seat. “What are you doing here?”
“We wanted to serve the country.”
The horn went off and we went. I ran up the ramp to see my mum, but she sprinted back home.
“This is it!”
We heard the the sea roaring and twelve other boats were in front of us, but one person with a huge box threw us some guns. They were super heavy. The boat arrived to France and we went to the trench People were already firing at the Nazis. I got my gun and started shooting. One bullet hit my ally's arm.
I ran and covered his mouth. All of us were so worried. The Nazis were, too.
“Are we going to be alive?”

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