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A horrible life

By Harry Smith, year 5, Elizabeth College

My name is Mizar. I am 10 years old and I live in a broken city on the edge of Iran with my Mum and Dad in a quite tall building on the thirtieth floor. We have blankets as our beds and hardly any food or water. My Dad often has to go out to get food and water but it's very dangerous because there are gunshots everywhere so we have to hide most of the time because ISIS carry guns around and shoot people or stab them.

I have seen so much stuff that I shouldn’t have seen as a 10 year old. I just think of the other kids in Iran and what they have to go through as well. When I go to sleep, it’s sad that the ISIS do this why can’t we just have a peaceful life like some other people in the world that have televisions and loads of toys? We only have a chessboard and checkerboard, but it gets boring. We have no pets. We had a dog, but it died last year because it got shot in the back.

I don’t go to school because all they do is teach us how to shoot guns instead of getting education.

My Mum and Dad unfortunately died yesterday the place where they were sitting cracked and came off. I was so devastated I cried all day. Now I’m living alone on a cold damp floor, so I moved to a different part of the building where it was more dry and warm in the other room. So I took my bed and my teddy bear that had a ribbon that used to be red around its neck and it was light brown with darker patches on it from all the food and brownish water.

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