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My bad life

By Charlotte Carre, year 5, Elizabeth College

My name is Alice. I come from Iraq.I’m 10 years old. I live in a tent. I’m with my mum. My dad is dead. I want to get an education. I love writing and I love chess and I love different things. I hope I can go home. I had a horse. We had quite a lot of money but then the Sikhs came and bombed the farm and my father died and my horse. I prayed every night for the Sikhs to leave or that they noticed what they were doing is wrong. I miss my father and so really I hope those Sikhs die soon in pain, but one thing I am grateful about is that I am quite safe from the Sikhs.
I have a friend called Mia. She lives with me because her mum and dad have died from the Sikhs. My friend is like a sister to me. She likes everything I like. She has a donkey called Spot, because he has a big spot on his tummy. He’s quite helpful because there’s water two miles away that he helps us to get. Mia is 10, the same as me. I don’t have a lot to do, but mostly I help Mia look after Spot. But when I don’t have to look after him I mostly write and play.

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