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Conflict Story

By George Corfield, year 5, Elizabeth College

I was awoken by the sound of yells of people rushing in and out of nearby houses. Gunshots boomed from miles away. Just outside our bedroom window I heard the thump of a person falling to the floor. I was pretty positive the person was dead. Suddenly Mum walked through the door, a worried expression on her face. “We have received a letter that threatens us,” she said. I could tell she was worried. I knew how she felt since I was feeling the same thing and was part of what was happening.
“We are going to a camp where they will take good care of us,” Mum said. “We will meet Dad there.”

We were now at the camp. We were in a tent. Dad was here with us. The tent was very neat. It had a comfy sofa with a set of cushions. It was very dusty outside though. When we got here it was like home but now it didn’t feel so good. I went to go fetch some water.

When I got back from water collecting Dad was sitting in a corner. “Hello Jim,” Dad said. “I have got some news for you.”
“What is it, are we going back to our home?” I asked.
“Not for a while,” Dad replied.
“I thought I saw a person wandering around the grounds last night Dad?” I asked.
“Aye! That would be ISIS,”Dad exclaimed. “But for now, let’s get some sleep.”

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