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The bad life

By Jack Gilbey, year 5, Elizabeth College

My name is Alum Matsu. I’m 9 years old. My life used to be good. I had lots of friends, there was peace! But now it is too dangerous. I have to try to dodge gun shots on my way to school. And now they are teaching us how to use guns. Because of Isis I have to go away, leave school and I will have no friends. Now both my mum and my dad are dead and that makes me really sad. Now I have a whole other journey ahead of me. I have to travel to the refugee camp now. And I think I will have better fun there. But I am always crying and I am so sad. I am not going to bring anything except for my teddy bear. My journey has started no food no nothing just me and my teddy bear and the people getting away. I keep thinking of how nice it would be to have a proper home just no bombing just being nice and warm and how lovely it would be to go to a school again. Finally I have reached the refugee camp. I have found a tent to sleep in, it’s not very big. I woke there was a sudden surge of bombing. A whole gust of people ran for their lives. I got out of my bed. I started to run as well. Someone ran and knocked me on the leg. My leg broke! I could not run. I thought this was the end! A bomb dropped I was hoping that it was a dream but sadly it was not! I jumped to try to get out of the way. I was crying. It went by so slowly it was like it was the slowest moment of my life! BANG!!!

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