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Kia's story

By George Moakes, year 5, Elizabeth College

Hello, my name is Kia. I am ten and I live in a North Korean camp for refuges. All there is are tents. I feel like I am in hell! I hate this war because my parents died in it so I am living with my grand-parents but I also live with my cousins, uncles, aunties, sister and brother. We also need to share the toilet with three other families. We don’t go to school because they teach how to use a gun and my mum wouldn’t want me to be a fighter. I wish I could go to nice school. It's very boring here. All we do is stay in our tents playing games and we can't go out because there can be gun shots, we get scared.
Sometimes I run to my friends' house and play lots of fun games but only when there aren’t many gun shot or bombs going off. Sometimes I think I am in a house when I play with my friends when I have so much fun. My friends also have two other brothers who are both older than him. Also my friend's dad died to and so she does sometimes cry.
The good thing is that my grand-parents and my friend’s mum are friends with each other too. Please help me!

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