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A life with conflict

By Luke Elliott, year 5, Elizabeth College

Once a girl named Saya lived with her lovely family with money, a car, food and water. They had a small but comfy house in Iraq, but after a while, ISIS came and invaded their village.
I was nine when it happened, school was always cancelled now because there were lots of gunshots all over! ISIS killed lots of my friends and took our house, money, food, water and OUR VILLAGE.
Saya and her family had to evacuate. They were glad because now there are bombs all over the place at Saya’s old village, they would be dead if they had stayed. She had a mum, a dad and a brother, ISIS took her father, and Saya was terrified. They went to another village but in a day ISIS took it and Saya’s brother died from a bomb!
They went along way until Saya slipped and her mum and got shot!
‘Mum, stay with me,’ said Saya with tears in her eyes. She was gone.
Saya saw her school friend next to her dead dad, crying.
She ran all over the place to find food and water, but couldn’t find any and she needed to rest, so she did. She went to the nearby smooth rock and rested. She woke up in the dark because she was freezing cold.
She walked a mile or two and found fresh water and she drank it. Saya ran far away from where ISIS were and she found something amazing. A refugee camp, it was a miracle. She was safe and was hoping her dad was too. She couldn’t believe it.

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