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Dark Gun

By Bella Fysh, year 5, Elizabeth College

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping in the trees. I got out of my bed to wake up my mum but she was gone and so was my dad. I looked everywhere. They were gone but then I found a note.
It read, 'Ash, me and father have gone to help people in the war and run because they are coming.'
I didn’t know who was coming but I ran anyway. I ran to a place where tents were. I walked in and asked, 'Where am I?'
The man said, 'Refugee camp.'
I said' 'Well if I am in refugee camp, who am I going to stay with?' but as soon as I said ‘stay with’ I heard a voice which said, “Boris put it there”. I ran to every tent and shouted “Run ISIS are here!” Everyone evacuated but ISIS had a net and caught everyone except me.
I ran away for the day but at night I came back. ISIS were asleep. I found a sharp rock and set everyone free. I stole one of their horses and galloped away. I did not know where I was going but as soon as a click, I heard gunfire. They were coming. I thought I'd gallop away but then I saw some people and I stopped.
They said, ”What are you running from?”
I said “ISIS.”
They whispered, “Come to our home.” I said ok. They led me back to their house and when we got there I took my horse in to their stable and went back inside. When we were having supper then the lady said, 'Were are your parents?'
I replied “They have gone to help in the war and I don’t think they are coming back.” The lady told me to stay here.

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