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Gun shots

By Jessica Watson, year 5, Elizabeth College

I awake to the sound of gunshots, bang, bang, bang very faint in the distance. I look across the tent and my mum is still asleep, next to her is my dad. Sleeping soundly in the middle of the tent is my sister Sally who is four years old. I am nine years old and my name is Ali. We used to live in a nice little town in Syria where we had all we ever needed, I was happy there. Then one evening the first bomb dropped in our home street. I couldn’t tell you how terrified I was.

When a bomb dropped in our garden my parents said that enough was enough and we had to get away from there.

We didn’t take much with us, the only things I took were a few pairs of clothes, a cuddly toy dog called honey, my pyjamas , my tooth brush and my tooth paste. We got into our rusty old jeep and off we went to look for another place to live, away from the bombing. None of us know whether we will ever return to that town.

We drove in the jeep all day and at seven o’clock we saw this refugee camp. My thoughts changed all of a sudden. I was thinking about what life would be like in a refugee camp. We drove in and I sat there memorised as I saw all of the tents and people.

I now have had experience of living in a refugee camp and I know that life is hard. There is a well in the middle of the camp, we have to collect water from it every morning. I really, really hope that someday we will go back to the little town where I lived a happy life.

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