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Tom’s terrible transfer

By Isaac Keys, year 5, Elizabeth College

In World War Two, thought to be the war to end all wars, two boys' fathers were sent off to fight and their mothers to factories. The city they lived in was torn with bombs and war. One day their mums' factories were bombed. Now that the boys were homeless they had to work for many days in horrid factories making bombs and sleeping on the cold, wet streets. In several months they just had enough to get a train to the countryside where they were taken in by an old widow who owned a farm. One day they were playing in the garden when the cow escaped, the boys screamed as it trotted over to see what they were doing. As they ran they saw the pigs and the chickens so they let out louder screams. The old widow rushed to help them but when she saw what was going on it was unclear what they were screaming about. “Now boys, no joke screaming pleas.” “We weren’t, there’s aliens!”
“Where? Don’t tell me you're scared of old Bessie here?”, she said whilst hugging the cow.
"What?" thought the boys.
A few years later they went back to London to try and join the army but they failed. They were returned to the countryside. Over the next few days they got very bored so they ran away into the nearby forest where they hunted food like rabbits and made fires by striking rocks together, they grew herbs with some seeds they stole from the old widow.
One day they were attacked by a bear, one of them was killed. The other ran off into the forest where he started building a new den but this time up a tree away from bears.
After the war ended he went back to London.

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