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The 4 years I struggled in War

By Claudia Wallace, year 5, Amherst School

I was six years old when the war started. I am going to tell you about the last four years I've struggled in war. My dad was twenty two when he started training in the war. He went off when he was twenty six and came back when he was thirty when I had just had my birthday two months ago. Thankfully, he survived. My mum wrote letters to him but very rarely got one back. I missed my dad very much.

Mum looked after me and my little brother Dennis. The Germans took over Guernsey. We weren’t allowed on the beach. There was a fence all around them. Mum said that you shouldn't go near them. All I heard all night was bombing and shouting. I never got to sleep. There were Germans everywhere. Many houses got destroyed.

I didn't get any food. At the weekend my meal was stew, but only a little, and on Mondays we normally had tomato and lettuce sandwiches.The Germans came and took all our stuff, especially are precious stuff. We had to hide all of the riches in the garden. We had to do as we were told otherwise we would die. I didn’t understand most of it. My family became poor.

This horrible life carried on for four years. I was worried about it. What if it didn’t stop. One day a house along the road from ours got blown up and nearly hit our house. Mum said some very strange things like, ‘We have to hide the radio.’ Why hide the radio? I thought maybe because if our house would blow up it would blow up and make it worse. But no, it was because the Germans wanted them.

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