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Secondary. Year 10 plus


By Harry Sykes, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

My first night as a soldier and already there are arguments everywhere I go. I can hear the Generals arguing with each other about how many of us are going to attack tomorrow and what our next moves are going to be.

All of us (the soldiers) were terrified and with everyone shouting at each other it made it so much worse, we were struggling to sleep at night because we were scared we would get called up to go and attack. If we did ONE wrong thing we got shouted at and that just led to more arguing which made everyone else more nervous and afraid to fight.

As we were crawling across no man’s land, we got closer, and as we got closer you could start to hear people talking, then it turned into shouting. The enemies were as scared as we were and as nervous as we were. If you were quiet enough you were able to hear people shouting from every direction, nothing but shouting...

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